Wow! $17 Wireless Charger For iPhone X Dropped To Just $6

This is the best deal we have ever seen. $17 TechMatte wireless charger for iPhone is discounted to $6 when you apply a promotional code at checkout 7AY5WZMF. This wireless charger has 3 coils that offer a large charging area. Grab one for your iPhone and other Qi-Enabled devices to enjoy cord-free charging.

From the Product Page:

  • 3 interior charging coils provide a larger charging surface area; so devices don’t have to be set perfectly straight on the pad
  • Works with all Qi integrated devices, a partial listing is iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, LG G6, Nexus 6 and 5
  • No need to plug in your phone/device to charge it; just lay it on the wireless charger and it will charge
  • LED light displays charging status and is designed with an energy-efficient idle mode

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