Switch Your iPhones to iOS13 Dark Mode To Improve Battery Life

Have you updated your iPhone to iOS observed any refinement of the battery life in Dark mode? A video from the YouTuber PhoneBuff preview the notified change in the improvements of the battery life in the iOS 13’s Dark Mode.

Dark mode and dark wallpapers were speculated for years. That research helps to increase the battery life measuring Phones with OLED screen.  For the Battery test, iPhone XS was used. After about the 4 hours of testing for the dark mode. iPhone XS is enabled at 71% while the one with Light mode is noted to enable at 56%. About a 14 % difference is highlighted in the test.  

For maximum battery life, you really should check the dark mode. But for the iPhones with the LCD display likewise, the iPhone 11 or the iPhone XR the difference is not going to be very high. If you haven’t upgraded your iPhones to iOS 13. Then experience the maximum battery life in the iOS 13 Dark mode.