Sorry Samsung But iPhone X is Still Faster Than Note 9!

Galaxy Note 9 has been launched which Samsung calls it the most powerful Note ever but the recent Geekbench test shows it is not as powerful as it claimed!

The recent Geekbench test done by Tom’s Guide shows that iPhone X is still faster than the latest Galaxy Note 9 with 6 GB of RAM.

In Geekbench 4 testing, iPhone was able to score 10,357 while the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 came with a score at 8,876 and OnePlus 6 at 9,088.

Geekbench 4 measures overall performance and the Note 9 delivers solid performance in the benchmark’s multi-core test. The Note 9 notched 8,876, which is considerably better than last year’s Note 8. It also smokes the Pixel 2 XL, but that phone was running an older Snapdragon 835 chip, just like the Note 8.

In 3D Slingshot Extreme benchmark test, OnePlus 6 topped the position with a score of 5,124 while iPhone X scored 4,994 and Samsung Note 9 with a score of 4,639.

Slingshot Extreme is the most demanding graphics test in 3DMark’s mobile arsenal, and the Note 9 fared pretty well, but it’s outperformed by both the iPhone X and OnePlus 6.

The Galaxy Note 9 scored 4,639, which is slightly better than the Galaxy S9+ (4,634) and ahead of the LG G7 (4,201). However, the OnePlus 6 with 8GB of RAM smoked the Note 9 with a score of 5,124; the iPhone X (4,994) also fared better.

The only place where Note 9 did better was in display testing where the handset was able to cover 224% of the sRGB color gamut whereas the iPhone X only covered 128.6%

It’s time to check the speed of both devices in the real-world test like playing games, editing videos & so on but now iPhone X is definitely the winner.

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