Smart Keyboard & Apple Pencil Support May Finally Come To iPad Mini 5

The first iPad that supported Apple Pencil was an iPad Pro but after a year, Apple expanded Apple Pencil support to the entry-level iPad model and that was 6th generation 9.7 inch iPad. Now a new rumor suggests that Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard support may finally come to the upcoming iPad Mini 5.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith on Twitter provided some information regarding this rumors. According to him, the model numbers of the upcoming iPad, J210/J211 and J217/J218, seems to support Apple’s accessories. He also suggests that the iPad Mini 5 may ship without the Touch ID or the Face ID.

The iPad Mini 5 is the upcoming budget iPad from Apple that may look identical to the last generation iPad Mini 5 but with a reduced bezel. It’s really exciting to see the new iPad model that may particularly launch in March of this year.

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