How to skip tracks by double tapping in Airpods on iOS 11

This is the great news of Airpods users. Now they will be able to skip tracks and go to previous track using a double tap gesture in Airpods on iOS 11.
On iOS 10, you could only invoke Siri by double tapping on the Airpods. If you were to skip the track, you could do it only by invoking the Siri and saying it to change the track which is a little bit awkward to do in public. But with the release of iOS 11, you can set a
double tap function for each of your Airpod.
For example you can set to double tap on the right Airpod to skip the track and set double tap for left Airpod to invoke Siri or go the previous track.
Here is How to skip /go to previous track by double tapping in Airpods on iOS 11
Step 1: Go to Bluetooth
Step 2: Tap the “i” icon next to the Airpods name
Step 3: Under “Double Tap on Airpod” area, select the double tap function for each of your Airpods.
Apple has really made a major change in Airpod feature. It can now accept double tap gesture on both of the Airpods to skip track, go to previous track or invoke Siri. It would even be better if it added the volume control based gesture on Airpod. Hope we see that in upcoming iOS 11 updates.
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