Apple Starts Selling SIM-Free (Unlocked) iPhone X in the US

Waiting for an unlocked, SIM-free iPhone X? Now Available on Apple Website in the UNITED STATES.

Apple has now started selling SIM-Free iPhone X in the United States. That is, customer can buy unlocked iPhone X without having any carrier.

As earlier, customer was able to buy an iPhone X with a carrier locked option like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

Factory Unlocked iPhones is easy for those users who frequently wants to change the carrier and travels around the world. That means with SIM free iPhones or Unlocked iPhone’s, you can use the SIM of any carriers.

Sim – Free iPhone X will be available from 12th Dec, 2017. Prices of SIM-free iPhone X for
64GB starts at $999 while the 256GB iPhone X priced at $1,149.

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