How to share Wi-Fi password with nearby multiple devices in iOS 11

Good news for iOS users, iOS 11 has a new feature that lets you to share Wi-Fi password in iOS 11 with nearby iOS devices.
You can share your Wi-Fi hotspot password with another iOS devices without having to type the password in it.

Now Apple has done something really great on iOS 11. We have talked about so many features of iOS 11 already and there are even more to talk about.

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In iOS 11, Apple has added a very unique feature where you can share WiFi password to another device just by bringing two iPhones together. You don’t even have to enter WiFi password. It means if one of your device running iOS 11 is connected to a WiFi networks, you can easily share your WiFi password in iOS 11 to another device just by putting two phones together.

For example: I am connected to my home WiFi on device 1 and if my friend comes in and want to use my WiFi on device 2, I can just bring his iPhone nearer to my iPhone and he will be connected to the same network as well. He don’t even need to enter the WiFi password. What a cool feature it is. So how to do it? Here is an easy guide on How you can share WiFi Password to another device in iOS 11.

How to Connect WiFi to multiple device without entering password in iOS 11

Step 1: Turn ON WiFi on both iPhones running iOS 11 Note:(Remember one of the device should be connected to the WiFi networks. Here device 1 is connected to the WiFi)
Step 2: On Device 2, tap on the WiFi networks name that you want to be connected by going to WiFi settings
Step 3: Now bring both device together. A pop up will appear device 1 asking you to send password to another device.
Here's How you can share WiFi Password to another device in iOS 11.You can share your Wi-Fi hotspot password without having to type the password in it.
Step 4: Tap on Send Password. Kabooom!! The WiFi will be connected on device 2 as well without need to enter the password.
iOS 11 is still in beta stage and have many glitches and bugs. The final version will be released on September. If you want to download and install iOS 11 beta now, you can do it by going through this link.