Scotty Allen made his own iPhone 6S (refurbished) from Parts Bought in China [Video]

Scotty Allen,
an American engineer has made his own iPhone 6S (refurbished)with the parts
bought from the public cell phone parts markets of Huaqiangbei, China. He has
spent about nine months in Shenzhen, China, learning about the electronics
manufacturing scene. Scotty has been fascinated by the cell phone parts market
in Shenzhen and after a time he posted a video on YouTube making his own iPhone
6S perfectly with all parts bought from the Chinese local market.
As he
mentioned in one of YouTube comments that the parts he used for making iPhone
6S including logic board, battery, display, back/shell etc. cost him around
$300 but he already had $1000 worth of extra stuff, tools included in his
Take a look at
the video how he made his own iPhone 6S.
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