How To Schedule Text Message on iPhone With Siri Shortcuts

One of the best features that Apple released in iOS 12 is Siri Shortcuts that allow users to automate things but many users like me don’t know how to use it properly. I didn’t know that we can schedule text messages on iPhone unless I saw a vide of iDeviceHelp.

Scheduling text messages on iPhone come handy when we want to wish on someone’s birthday, or we want to send the message to someone later. All you need to do is write a text message, set date & time and let it go. The Siri Shortcuts will automatically send the message on the time you’d set off.

There are similar Cydia tweaks for Jailbroken iOS devices called “Send Delayed Text” that allows users to schedule text messages on iPhone & iPad. But unluckily everyone’s iOS devices may not be jailbroken. Also, there are a couple of apps on Appstore that does the same work but they are not free as well. Don’t worry, with Siri Shortcuts, you can schedule text messages without any cost.

How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone & iPad With Siri Shortcuts

Schedule text message siri shortcuts

  • Make sure you have Siri Shortcuts installed on your iOS device
  • Now click here and get settings for Scheduling message on Siri Shortcuts
  • On Siri Shortcuts App, Tap Send delayed text
  • Select Contact to whom you want to send a message
  • Write your Message
  • Select Date & Time that when you want to schedule a message
  • Tap OK

See how easy is this! I am sure you will love this feature and will use this feature regularly. If you find any problem using this then let us know in the comment section and we will help you.

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