How to Scan QR Codes from iPhone/iPad in iOS 11

Want to scan QR codes from iPhone/iPad instantly without installing any third party app or any jailbreak tweaks? Well, with iOS 11 you can easily Scan QR Codes with stock camera app of iPhone or iPad that Apple has featured in iOS 11.

QR Codes are the easiest way to read a piece of information using your Smartphone. QR Codes can be found in books, food products, electrical appliances, mobile applications, groceries, beauty products, health products, AppStore etc. You can quickly get its detailed information just by scanning that code using your Smartphone.

Now this feature is built into Apples iOS 11. You do not need to install other 3rd party apps to scan QR code from now. Apple has pre-installed this feature on its stock camera app in iOS 11. The stock camera app on iPhone/iPad now breaks the limitations of capturing photos and video only. It can now scan QR codes using iPhone Camera in iOS 11 within a seconds.

In this article, you will learn scanning QR codes directly from iPhone without installing any third party apps:

How to Scan QR Codes from iPhone in iOS 11

Step 1: Before you start scanning QR Codes from iPhone, there is one thing you need to do in the Settings app ie; enable scan QR code and for this go to SettingsCamera and Enable Scan QR Codes and open camera to start scan.

How to Scan QR Codes from iPhone/iPad in iOS 11

Step 2: Launch the Camera app

Step 3: Now you can place your mobile camera into the QR Codes object. After it detects the QR code, it will pop up a result in the banner. Tap it and you will be redirect to the Safari or any app with all the information about the QR code of any object you have captured.

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