What If Samsung adopted the iPhone X Notch? [Images]

Will Samsung’s next flagship (Samsung Galaxy S9N) phone have a notch? Samsung recently launched it’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ to compete against Apple’s iPhone X.

There are so many features that Samsung has copied from Apple over the years except iPhone X notch display. What if Samsung had copied Apple’s iPhone X notch?

Now there are many Mobile Companies that are planning to launch their smartphones with Notch in 2018. And they are predicted to be way more cheaper than the iPhone X.

Apple has been setting an great example for bringing revolution to the mobile world and in the same way many other rivals don’t hesitate to copy Apple. And again, it’s Notch!

The upcoming phones to feature notch are;

Asus Zenfone 5

Ulefone T2 Pro

Leagoo S9

Doogee V

Huawei P20

Oppo R15


Check its features and specs

If Samsung feature a notch like iPhone X, it look more better than the current S9 and S9+.

So with the concept, Designer Martin Hajek has posted a multiple images showing the notched display in the Galaxy S9N. I think Apple has brought a great trend in the mobile world. Will Samsung’s next phone taking it up a notch?

Take a look at the images of Samsung phone with notch below and share your thoughts in the comments!

You can also check out the 3D model of the Samsung Galaxy S9 (without the notch);

samsung-3d-phoneFor more 3D model Samsung, check out this in link. Share your thoughts in the comment below.