Report: Strong Demand for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone SE 2 Will Further assist uplift Sales

Min-Chi Kuo believes that by 2020, Apple will be selling 10% more iPhones, according to the Renowned Apple Analyst, thanks to releases of the SE 2 iPhone and strong demand for the 11 Series iPhone.

Kuo expects Apple to ship 70-75 million iPhone 11 units in 2019. The analyst also believes that the iPhone 11 Pro series will account for approximately 40 million units. If that is true then it will be less than last year’s 43 million units of iPhone XS Apple.

With the iPhone 11, Kuo anticipates that Apple will ship some 37-40 million units in 2019. This is a big jump from the approximately 25 million iPhone XR units that Apple shipped in 2018. The main reason for success is also the slightly lower price on the iPhone 11.

Strong demand for Apple’s new devices had resulted in Apple increasing its supplier order. The news of the iPhone 11 last week claimed that Apple has increased production in iPhone 11 by about 8 million units as a result of high demand.

Kuo ‘s latest note once again anticipates that Apple will launch its iPhone SE 2 in 2020. He said that iPhone SE 2 is similar to iPhone 8 with the A13 Bionic chips with an enhanced camera and the main reason for sales up to 2020.