Poor Multitasking Performance On iPhone iOS 13.2 And iPadOS 13.2

Only after the few days of the release of the iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 update. Numerous complaint is being registered from the users of iPhones and iPads about the multitasking performances. Users are reporting that when switching from app likes Safari, YouTube, Twitter and Mail to another app are frequently being reopened.

This issue causes to loose many of the progress like a draft of an email writing, Safari reloading pages and watching youtube. As OS had kept a few apps in the background to ensure multitasking while iOS has never been known for its multitasking.

Users are reporting that iOS 13 is far more violent. In terms of background memory management than the previous version of iOS. There are many complaints on the new update from the users some are:

iOS 13 feels like I’m back on iOS 3. Keeps dropping apps out of ram in the background at nearly the pace of 1:1 apps launched-to-quit. Makes drilling down to content or links and then losing them is rage inducing. What a crap ass behavior.


Is it just me or iOS 13 especially 13.2 has very aggressive RAM / background apps management? When watching YouTube video then magreply lang ako sa iMessage pagbalik ko reload na naman.


Apple still hasn’t fixed this yet in iOS 13.2. App refreshes even when you have 3 app running at once. It is frustrating, because my other phone is the Galaxy Note 10 and this phone can run 16 apps without ever refreshing. Seriously iOS 13 is garbage

This is possibly a bug that was unintentionally implemented by Apple in iOS 13.2. Apple may introduce a minor update following through the bugs.