Apple fired Vlogger’s Dad whose iPhone X hands on video went viral on Youtube

Remember Brooke Amelia Paterson who gave a closer look on her father’s iPhone X in one of her Youtube videos that we posted last week? Now she posted a new video where she mentioned her father losing job at Apple for violating rules inside Apple Campus.

Paterson was out with her family where she also visited Apple Campus where her father used to work as an engineer and was part of iPhone X team. During her visit, Paterson got a chance to use her father’s iPhone X and filmed it for her Youtube Channel.

Immediately after the video was viral, Apple requested Paterson to delete the video from her Youtube Channel and she did it. But it costed a lot to her father where he lost his job at Apple. According to her, her father violated rules that includes not filming inside Apple Campus, mainly not of unreleased Apple products.

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