One Of The Top Wireless Charger For iPhone Available At A Dirt Cheap Price

Have an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X/XS/Max/XR? If you do and still haven’t got a wireless charger then you are missing something! These devices are capable of supporting wireless charging and here is the top wireless charger from NANFU that can charge your device faster at 7.5W and it’s available at a very cheap price for a very limited time. The $20 wireless charger is dropped to just $10 when you use a discount code 511Y4V8H at checkout.

From the Product Page:

This charger is the phone accessory from Nanfu’s wireless charger portfolio. It supports fast charging for iPhone at 7.5W, Galaxy at 10W, and compatible with all other Qi-certified devices. The vents at the bottom aid the charging progress faster. It ideally fits daily working scenarios or a cozy home environment.

Supports fast charge: This latest wireless charger accelerates the charging speed to the maximum. It offers 7.5W for iPhone XS/XS MAX/X/8/8 Plus and 10W for compatible Android phones.

Symmetrical vent, airflow across: The circular design beneath the charging pad is filled with over 100 venting holes to solve the heating problem while charging.

Optimized for iPhone, charge up to 25% in 30 minutes: NANFU 10W wireless charger has been tested and iterated multiple times before released to the market. It is specialized for iPhone fast charging, enhancing the charging speed up to 25% in 30 minutes.

Anti-slippery surface: The preventive phone protection is integrated into the wireless charger. The anti-slippery surface increases the friction of the phone with the charger. It adds another layer of safety for your phone usage