Note 8 facial recognition is not safe | Can be unlocked with a user’s photograph

We showed how Samsung Galaxy S8 could be unlocked using a
user’s photograph couple of months ago. Same is the case for Note 8! It can be
easily unlocked when someone brings user’s photograph in front of Iris scanner
of the Note 8.
Developer Mel Tajon has shared a video where he demonstrates
how easily he unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device with the use of users
The Iris scanner works by scanning the 3D metrics of a user’s
face. But the case here is not as expected. Also Samsung has stated that their
Facial Recognition feature on both Note 8 and S8 doesn’t work for Samsung Pay
which signifies that the facial recognition feature on Samsung devices are
really not safe!
Apple is also expected to add facial recognition feature on
iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition while completing ditching the finger print scanner.
Let’s hope it will not be as poor as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung
Galaxy S8.
Apple is going to unveil iPhone 8 on September 12 along with
other amazing products. Stick with use for more news and rumors like this!