My AirPods Suddenly Sounded Low. Here’s How I Fixed It!

Have you felt ever that your AirPods sound is quite low even if you have a full volume triggered?

I think you haven’t faced such AirPods sound issue yet and even if you had faced simiar issue, I am going to share you the truth what has happened to me and the way to fix it.

Well, I picked the AirPods from the case and fit it on my left and right ears. Also, the battery percentage was quite good, almost 60%.

I was in fear that I lost my AirPods sound and may be the issue can’t be fixed. It was just purchased a week ago.

Here’s how I fix the Sound issue on AirPods?

I applied some trick to fix the issue and it worked for and I am now enjoying the music in full volume.

Step 1. I disconnected the AirPods from the Bluetooth list.

Step 2. Kept AirPods in the case.

Step 3. Unlocked my iPhone and AirPods case at the same time

Step 4. It poped up the message saying that AirPods isn’t connected

Step 5. Tap on Connect

“And now here is the main step to fix the issue”

Step 6. Simply press the button on the back of the AirPods case for some second and pops the notification saying your AirPods has been connected.

That’s’ it. Your AirPods sound issue has been fixed. you can enjoy the music in full volume.

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