82 Years old woman is the eldest attendee of WWDC

Apples 28th WWDC event is going to be
held on June 5 and 82 year old woman Masako Wakamiya is the eldest attendee who
will be taking part in the event.
Masako Wakamiya is a retired banker from
Japan and was not satisfied with the Appstore as it lacks games for elder
people. So she created her own. “I didn’t see any apps for the elderly, so
I decided to create my own,” she says.
Masako 1
She first created a game “Hinamatsuri”, which
was about Japanese doll festival where they celebrate the health and prosperity
of girls. The game offer slow narration of the story for elder people. Then she
created another free app called “Hinadan” which is available in Appstore and
she is willing to create more games and apps like this.
She said she learned to create game for
iOS learning from online tutorials. She learned many software codes only from
online videos and tutorials.
Masako Wakamiya is the eldest WWDC
attendee but do know who is the youngest? It’s Yuma Soerianto from Melbourne
Australia. Yuma Soerianto is only 10 years old and had started coding when
he was 6 only . He said he learned coding with the help of online course code.org and
from Stanford University which he found on Apples iTunes U. He has created four
apps like weather duck, drawing app and more within 4 years.
He also has a Youtube Channel named “AnyoneCan Code” where he teaches a basic guide about xCode and how to make apps and
games. What’s most amazing thing is, while he was on 20 hour journey to San Fransisco
for the conference, Yuma created an app that that could easily calculate sales
tax of a product that they are thinking of buying.

Masako Wakamiya, the eldest and Yuma
the youngest are the special attendee of WWDC. Let’s wish them with a
luck and may they progress very well on what they are doing.
Source : Fortune