Beware of this Malicious Link! Freezes iOS & macOS devices

A malicious link has been discovered by hacker Abraham Masri (@cheesecakeufo) that leads an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and even Mac to freeze & become unresponsive.

It not only freezes the iOS device of the receiver but also slows down the senders iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and macs.

If you send this link “” to anyone using iMessage app, the receivers and your own device will start to freeze and will not respond until you fix the issue manually.

So never ever send the mentioned link to anyone or you might be in trouble. In case if you receive such malicious link on your iPhone, iPad and mac via Message app, all you need to do is immediately delete the conversation and reboot your device.

Do not send the link to anyone or both of your device will lag and may cause an sudden respring or shutdown.

Similar case was found out before and Apple fixed it with a minor software update. Hope this issue will also be sorted out as soon as possible.

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