MacBook Pro Battery Explodes While in Normal Use

Swollen batteries and thermal events are a possibility for any device with a battery, but a recent video captured an unfortunate scenario where a MacBook Pro caught fire and created enough smoke to set the user’s home smoke alarms off.

White Panda, a DJ, shared what happened on Reddit and Twitter to his MacBook Pro during what he claims to have been “normal use.” Luckily, no one was hurt, although the floors of White Panda were damaged.

Yesterday afternoon my MacBook Pro exploded during normal use. It was on my lap, plugged in, and suddenly started to spew smoke out both sides. I quickly placed it on the floor where it popped, the smoke increased, and it caught fire. Toxic smelling smoke filled my house triggering smoke and CO alarms. No one was injured, thankfully, but there was some damage to my home. The situation could have been much worse – imagine if I had been on a plane.

He further explained that about an hour after the incident he took the MacBook Pro to his local Apple Store. Staff put the notebook in a safe fireproof and told him that after 24 hours they would reach out.

I went inside and was able to remove the computer to the porch using gloves (it was scalding hot). Below is a short video taken when I re-entered the house a few minutes after the explosion. After it cooled for an hour or so, I took it to the local Apple store in a rage. They understood the severity of the situation but said nothing could be done until it spent 24 hours in a fire-proof safe and that they’d call me with a plan/update.

White Panda says he called back to check the incident and was told his case was escalated and within five days Apple would get back to him.

They did not call. I reached out today and was told it had been “escalated” and I should hear something within FIVE days. I produce music for a living – FIVE days without my computer is unacceptable. It seemed like a worthwhile piece of information to share with the world, so there you have it.

Be sure to take it to your nearest Apple Store or Authorized Apple Service Provider if you notice your battery swelling on any of your Apple devices.

The video below shows his MacBook Pro a few minutes after the explosion occurred and the fire died down, as noted by White Panda.