LumaFusion Updated To Version 2.1

LumaFusion, the popular video editing app for iOS has been renovated to 2.1 versions. The 2.1 version comes with new marks such as external storage support, custom fonts and many more for iOS 13 and iPadOS users. While talking about iPhones and iPad video editing LumaFusion is categorized as the best app. The App contains advanced equipment such as multiple tracks, color adjustment, accurate dimensioning and keyframing.

The new update comes with the full new file support App on iOS 13. Consumers can use external HD’s, thumb drives or  SD cards to export and import files. The new update comes with browsing and viewing all external content directly from the app. The most important is that it is possible to import front directly from the app.

LumaFusion version 2.1 is a free update for existing users with bug fixes, improved performance, and some new navigation gestures. From AppStore at $29.99 the app can be purchased.