Never lose your Airpods with this $8 wire cable connector

The Apple AirPods are truly wireless that looks really good in ears but there is a chance of losing it at the same time. For example when you are doing a high-intensity exercise or while performing some outdoor tasks, your AirPods may fall down as there are no ways to hold the AirPods properly. But here is an $8 accessory that ensures you never lose it!

We are talking about LIKDAY Anti-Lost wire cable connector that fits straight into your AirPods that is surprisingly cheap and very useful at the same time. With this add-on, even if the AirPods falls, it will around your neck from next time!

From The Product Page:

SECURE: fastens AirPods well and keep it around your neck to avoid losing your earphones.

PORTABLE: compact and lightweight, an ideal wire cable connector for Airpods when outdoor.

PRACTICAL: high tensile strength and extremely durable, compatible with iPhone 7/7P AirPods.

MATERIAL: soft touch feelings silicone and very comfortable to wear, no damage to your skin.

WARRANTY: we focus on airpods accessories and offer you a well-packaged product and good service.

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