iPhone XS Max Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Test [Video]

Ok, the most awaited video is here, iPhone XS Max Vs the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera test comparison. Both are the latest and high-end devices from Apple and Samsung but the Samsung now comes with three cameras on the back including the ultra-wide angle camera while the iPhone XS Max features only two cameras on the back.

iPhone XS Max features 12 MP wide angle lens and 12 MP telephoto lens while the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus features a 12 MP telephoto lens, 12 MP primary wide-angle lens and the 16 MP ultra wide angle lens on the back. Also, the S10 comes with a dual camera setup of 10 MP and 8 MP.

It’s a really interesting thing to see the camera test between these two devices. EverythingApplePro is out with a new video where he compares the camera between iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. The result is mind-blowing! Let’s check it ourselves with the video embedded below.