‘iPhone can do Whaaaaaaat?’ Lets watch some useful videos by Apple

Apple posted a bunch of videos on its YouTube channel featuring What iPhone can do? The 15-second videos shortly highlights how you can use Face ID as password, its water resistance capabilities, chat with an Apple expert, wallet and key features of iPhone and iOS.

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Take a look at the “That’s iPhone” videos below;

Apple Chat: Chat with an expert in real-time


FACE ID: Use your face as your password to securely log into apps


Live Photos: Find the best shot within a moving photo by selecting a different keyframe “Find the perfect shots”


Water Resistance: Survive the accidental spill on your phone  “Don’t worry about water spills”


Wallet: Easily access your boarding pass, credit cards, and tickets


If you are an iPhone user and want some more iPhone tips, then head over to Apple’s full list of ‘That’s iPhone’ features.

“You will love it.”