Video shows off iPhone 7 running Windows XP

Hacking Jules has posted a video of the
iPhone 7 running Windows XP without jailbreak. He made this possible via the
bochs x86 emulator (iBox 2). Running Windows XP on iPhone 7 is quite nice and
easy to access like on your PC. iBox2 is updated and supports iOS 10, XCode 8
and Swift 2.3.

Bochs for iOS, ALL credit goes to ColemanCDA for the base of iBox, Baddaboo for
updating iBox with 64-Bit support, and the team behind Bochs. There is
non-jailbroken device support.

You can find GitHub page for iBox 2 here
Take a look at the video below of iPhone 7 running Windows XP!

Want Windows XP on your iPhone? Stay
updated we will post later on How to run Windows XP on iPhone 7 or later.