Leaked iPhone 7 case with dual camera and speakers

There is still time for the release of
iPhone 7 but there already have been leaks and rumors around. First leak by
Steve Hemmerstoffer showed a case for iPhone 7 which has dual camera and stereo
speakers. The image was shared on Twitter.
We cannot be sure that the actual iPhone
7 will fit in this case but there is a pretty interesting thing to show you. The case
leaked via Twitter has no headphone jack. As you can see in the picture, the
headphone jack is now replaced with another speaker for iPhone making it
The hole for the camera is pretty big on
the backside. This is probably because of two cameras on the back and a flash
which requires more space. The new iPhone 7 is rumored to have dual camera on
the back.
If this case turned out to be for real
iPhone 7, then we probably will get the same design like iPhone 6 with dual
speakers and dual cameras on the back.

Apple is planning to unveil the new
iPhone 7 on September later this year.