My iPhone 6 Plus running slow after iOS 11.2 update – FIX!

After iOS 11.2 update, my iPhone 6 Plus running slow after and many users has also experienced an issue where their iPhone got slower and some experienced a sudden shut down. But well this is not the issue of iOS 11.2 but it’s because of your battery that is causing this problem.

What surprised me the most is its Apple who intentionally slowing down these iPhones to give them a proper battery life. Apple has already accepted the fact that it is has been slowing down iPhones with older batteries by under clocking the CPU Frequency to match the battery performance.

But there is a fix for this random slow down on iPhone 6 Plus and other model of iPhones. The slowdown is caused by the older batteries and some reddit users has recommended to change the battery to get back to the normal stage.

Check out this screenshot from the Twitter user @sam_siruomu who has already fixed the issue by replacing the battery. His screenshot shows how Apple under clocked the CPU Frequency to 600MHz which slowed down his iPhone but after changing the battery the CPU Frequency went back to normal 1400 MHz.

Many users are experiencing this issue and are disgusted by this problem and Apple has been already addressed about this issue. Let’s see if Apple releases any iOS update to fix this problem. If you still feel like your iPhone is running slow then a battery replacement will fix it.

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