iOS 13 Vs iOS 12.3.1 | Which One is Faster? [Video]

Here’s a final speed test comparison on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device foriOS 13 beta 1 Vs iOS 12.3.1.

Apple announced and then shared iOS 13’s first beta earlier this week, and since then developers have taken it for a spin. During the announcement, Apple made some bold claims about app start times with a speed increase of 2x mentioned. iAppleBytes, the YouTube channel, wanted to see how iOS 13 beta 1 performed compared to iOS 12.3.1.

A number of tests on multiple iPhones including an iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 were performed to do this. While none of these results are particularly scientific, and this is an early beta release, it is hard to say whether it will have any impact on the final release that will be released later this year, the results have been encouraging.

The devices running iOS 13, as the video shows, were significantly faster than those running iOS 12.3.1. It’s hard to confirm Apple’s claims to increase the 2x speed, but whereas early beta releases are usually significantly slower than production releases, which is not the case here at all.

Check out the Video: