iOS 13 Has Been Jailbroken!

A piece of good news for every Jailbreak lover! Cydia has been shown running on iPhone 8 with the initial iOS 13 beta 1 installed.

Developer @iBSparkes took Twitter to show off the achievement, tagging Luca Todesco in the tweet, including a screenshot showing Cydia in operation along with the device and firmware information.

Most people in the jailbreak community will probably be familiar with @iBSparkes–formerly known as PyshcoTea–and will definitely be aware of the existence of Luca Todesco, who appears to be the partner-in-crime of many developers who have made progress in the jailbreaker world. This is the same person who just yesterday took the opportunity to show Cydia running on a jailbroken version of Apple’s firmware iOS 12.4.

Now that achievement has been upgraded and pushed out into the public domain with a liberated initial version of iOS 13 with Cydia in full view, thanks to a little more work and a little bit more tinkering. This is definitely a reason for experiencing excitement and joy, but it’s also a great time to try to contain that slightly and understand that this demonstration uses the very first iOS 13 development preview. There is no chance of this moving into the public domain as Apple would immediately discover and patch the vulnerabilities used before the release of iOS 13 later this year.

There is also a chance, of course, that Apple could find the vulnerability itself as part of the iOS 13 progression process and, therefore, patch the issue without exploring the code of the jailbreak. That’s why this is likely to be extremely protected for the next few months and developers will continue to explore every Apple beta release to see if the vulnerabilities are still there.