Apple Highlights Six new iOS 11 Video Tips For iPad Pro

Apple posted
six new videos on its YouTube channel highlighting some of the iOS 11 tips and features
on the iPad Pro. The videos show how you can use the features in iOS 11 on your
iPad Pro along with drag and drop files between apps, using dock in
multitasking gestures, using files app, using the Apple pencil to mark content
on screen, scanning documents using notes app and more. 

All videos are under a
minute so let’s take look.

How to harness the power of Dock in iOS 11 on iPad?

How to manage and fly through your files in iOS 11?

How to get more things done more quickly with multitasking?

How to effortlessly scan, sign and scan a document on iPad in iOS 11?

How to mark stuff up with Apple pencil on iPad?

How to get the most out of hands on iPad in iOS 11?

iOS 11 is
still in beta stage and likely to be release this fall.

Do you like
Apple’s new video tutorial for iPad Pro?