iOS 11 GM reveals the process of setting up Face-ID on iPhone 8

iOS 11 GM (Golden Master) has already revealed so much about
the upcoming iPhone 8 and now a 9to5mac shares another interesting details
about how Face-ID will be setup on it.


Here is how Face-ID on iPhone 8 will work
  • You will need to create a Passcode for backup purpose before
    setting up Face-ID like you would do with a Touch ID
  • Gently move head in a circle while looking at the screen
  • Hold you device between 10 to 20 inches away from your face
  • The face ID can detect any object or another face coming in
    the frame so make sure to use only one face throughout the process
  • You will need to go through two full scans in order to
    complete Face-ID process
The Face-ID feature will be available under “Face-ID &
Passcode” under settings menu.