76% of devices now running iOS 11 [iOS 11 adoption rate]

iOS 11 is Apple’s best operating system for smartphones and tablets till date. It came up with so many new and useful features that everybody loved. That’s why many smartphones and tablets are now running iOS 11.

According to the report from Apple, it stated 76% of Apple devices are now running iOS 11 as of April 22 of this year. It has also compared this chart with it’s previous iOS 10 that stands at 10% while the older iOS are installed on 5% of the devices.

If we recall the chart from January, iOS 11 was installed on 65% of the devices, iOS 10 on 28% of devices and 7% of devices were at earlier iOS. So there is certainly a bounce in iOS 11.

Which iOS are you running on your iPhone or iPad? Also Apple is all set to launch iOS 12 in June, are you ready for that?