iOS 10 Jailbreak has been done by iH8sn0w [Video]

With the
release of iOS 10 beta last week, a famous canadian iOS hacker iH8sn0w who developed
Sn0wbreeze and iFaith, has successfully jailbroken iOS 10 on iPhone 5 with an
untethered jailbreak. iH8sn0w has now proved that iOS 10 isn’t all strong
against jailbreak exploits. 

He posted a video on YouTube showing iOS 10 untethered
jailbreak on his iPhone 5.

Since iOS 10 jailbreak
is shown on iPhone 5 which is 32-bit, and Apple’s latest devices are 64-bit so
there is no clue whether iH8sn0w would release this jailbreak to public. We
wish he will soon get some good news for all 64 bit devices with a successful iOS
10 jailbreak
because many are still desperate and waiting for an iOS 9
jailbreak. Along with that, Luca Todesco also dropped “GasGauge” 0day exploit
for iOS 9.3.3 beta and lower. But with this iOS 10 jailbreak it will be more
exciting to use both iOS 10 features and its jailbreak. The last jailbreaking
tool is for iOS 9.1 which was released by Pangu.
iOS 10 will
released to public this fall and hope iH8sn0w will also released an iOS 10
and makes an exciting moments for all.