New Indian (Telugu) Text Bug crashes Messages and other apps in iOS 11. Here’s Fix

Have you ever imagine that a single character can crash your iOS devices? Yes, recently a new bug has discovered that crashes iMessage and other messaging apps when receiving an single Indian(Telugu) character on your iPhone.

This cause an error on iOS 11.2.5 or below devices and continuously crashing when sending/receiving a specific Telugu text in iMessage or other messaging apps like Whatsapp, Twitter etc. It was first spotted by Mobile World which states that, the Telugu text bug can also freeze any app along with messaging app.

How to Fix Indian Telugu Text Bug in iOS 11.2.5 or below

To fix the bug, you must wait until your phone restarts. If you force reboot your device, it will boot loop and may require to restore their devices by entering into DFU mode.

This bug don’t affect on the latest beta of iOS 11.3. If you have a public beta profile installed on your device, you can install it right now.

Note: Please do not share this Telugu message to anyone. Because this bug affect on other devices running watchOS and macOS as well. So be careful.