Indian Billionaire (Ananda Mahindra) Is Not Happy with iPad Pro

An Indian billionaire Anand Mahindra, chairman of the multi-billion dollar Mahindra Group Twitted that the USB -C port of new iPad Pro is being incompatible for him with his existing iPhone lightning cable and earpods.

He complained that he needs to carry an additional charger & earphones while traveling because of the new USB-C port. He also said that this was a “great strategy” to boost Apple’s accessory sales and not so surprised with an iPad Pro’s USB-C port.

So this would be so awkward when you have a 2018 iPad Pro and iPhone XS/XR/XS MAX, you will have to carry two separate chargers, lightning cable, and a USB-C.

Apple needs to think about the Apple users with not facilitating extra burden in the near future.  There have been many rumors that Apple would be switching to USB-C with the upcoming 2019 iPhones.

Is Apple seriously replacing the lightning cable to USB-C port on all Apple devices or only on few?

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