I got iOS 5 Update instead of watchOS 5 on my Apple Watch!

Apple released watchOS 5 beta with new features like Walkie-Talkie, improved Siri, some changes to Workout apps and more. I was so excited to test Walkie-Talkie feature so I installed watchOS beta 1 on my Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, the Walkie-Talkie feature was not available by that time. All I could see was Walkie-Talkie icon on my Apple Watch but when I tried to open, it said “coming soon”.

Yes I waited for the second beta to use this feature. When the second beta came out some days ago, something unusual happened!

After I knew that 2nd beta has been seeded for watchOS 5, I immediately launched the Watch app – went to General – Software Update and Checked for the update, I was a bit surprised. There I saw “iOS 5.0” instead of watchOS 5 Developer Beta 2 Update. I was really confused.

I pushed Install button anyway and it started installing watchOS 5 beta 2 on my Apple Watch. I thought the software update will not be working as it was an update for iOS 5 but fortunately, it worked!

I don’t know if this thing only happened to me. If any of you have faced this issue then share in the comments below.

Let’s hope Apple will look into this issue and fix it in the next watchOS 5 beta 3.