Now you can Turn – On Cellular on iPhone & iPad using iOS 11 Control Center – How To

Gone are the days where you’d turn on cellular data manually by going to settings on previous iOS. But with iOS 11, you can simply turn on or enable cellular data using control center with ease.
In this article, you will learn to Enable/Turn on Cellular Data using iOS 11 Control Center.
iOS 11 has over hundred new features which is pretty amazing. It has some major changes in Control Center, Siri, new icons and many other features inside settings app. One of the best feature that Apple has added to iOS 11 is ability to turn on or enable cellular data from the Control Center. It was not possible before iOS 11 launch. In previous iOS 9 or 10, you had to go to settings – cellular and then manually turn on cellular from there which was time consuming. But now it is much easier in iOS 11.

How to Turn On/Enable Cellular using iOS 11 Control Center

 Step 1: Launch Control Center just by swiping up from the bottom of the screen
Step 2: It will then Pop-up many useful toggles like Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Cellular and Bluetooth
Step 3: Simply tap the “Cellular” option as shown in the picture and done! Cellular Data is now enabled on your iOS 11 running device. It’s that simple.
Really this feature is a must have and finally Apple has added it to the new iOS 11.
If you find any problem regarding iOS 11, feel free to comment your questions below.