How To Turn ON Cellular Data for individual app on iPhone

You may have been through stage when you
turn on cellular data connection and all the apps on your device start to use
huge amount of your data. This is the big problem for those who are on limited
data connection. Your data plan gets used up in very less time because all the
apps start to use data connection in the background once you turn on 3G or LTE.

But there is feature in your iPhone
where you can turn on cellular data only for the app you choose and turn off
cellular for those apps where you do not want to use with Cellular data. For
example you want to use only Facebook with cellular data and do not want to use
Safari, Youtube, and other apps then you can simply turn on/off from the
settings. What it does is you can only use the apps that you have selected to
run with cellular. Only the apps you select will send the notifications while
other apps wont.
This feature blocks the notification
only when you are in cellular connection. But you can get all the notifications
from all the apps once you are connected to the Wi-Fi which is a really cool
How To Turn ON/OFF Cellular Data for individual app
Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Tap on Cellular and turn it on

Step 3: Now choose the app that you wish
to use with Cellular. Apps which are not chosen will never use cellular data
This is the big problem for those who are on limited data connection

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