How to turn off 3D Touch On iOS 13

With the iPhone 11 Series, Apple has excavate 3D touch and replaced it with the Haptic Touch. The 3D Touch technology recognizes force as well as gestures, in order to offer more accurate haptic feedback, which in turn results in apps being more accessible thanks to variations in pressure offering previews, quick swiping and more. 3D Touch is still found on iPhone 6s to iPhone XS Max though and with Haptic Touch-enabled, things get a bit confusing. Haptic Touch is simply a marketing name for a long press combined with haptic feedback from the Taptic Engine. The feature is a substitute for 3D Touch, which Apple wasn’t able to include on the iPhone XR in order to achieve a nearly edge-to-edge LCD screen, a remarkable engineering feat.

After the upgrade of iOS 13, Apple had essentially disabled the 3D Touch and clear it away from half of the feature. You cannot Peek and Pop in Safari, the ability to simply 3D Touch the keyboard and move the cursor around has gone, and more.

How to turn off 3D Touch

Step 1: On your iPhone 6s to iPhone XS/MAX go to settings -> Accessibility -> Touch. 

Step 2: In the 3D & Haptic Touch you see the way to disable 3D Touch.

Apple Forum online is filled with the complaint that the consumer is hating this change. The problem is that Apple has removed down the 3D Touch and moved its functionality to Haptic Touch.

Are you Satisfy with the Haptic Touch over 3D Touch?