How to take screenshot of Touch Bar on your Macbook Pro

You might be familiar of taking screenshot of your Mac’s screen but did you know you can take screenshot of your Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar also?

Apple launched secondary display called as “Touch Bar” on its flagship Macbook Pro in 2016. It launched Macbook Pro in two variants; with Touch Bar and without Touch Bar. Touch Bar on Macbook Pro gives you an ability to use various features depending on the app you use.

Sometime there may be the condition where you need to take the screenshot of Touch Bar on your Macbook Pro. So in this article, we will guide you on how to take screenshot of Touch Bar on Macbook Pro.

How to Take ScreenShot of Macbook Pro Touch Bar

To take screenshot of Touch Bar, all you need to do is hit on Macbook Pro:

Shift + Command + 6 ⇪   +   ⌘   +   6

This will take a screenshot of your Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar only.

To take Screenshot of whole screen of Macbook Pro

Shift + Command + 3 ⇪   +   ⌘   +   3

This will take screenshot of your main screen

To take Screenshot of highlighted part only

Shift + Command + 4 ⇪   +   ⌘   +   4

This will only take a screenshot of only the part you have highlighted.

So here are the ways to take screenshot on your Macbook Pro’s screen as well as Touch Bar.

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