How to stop receiving spam Calendar & Photo Sharing invitations via iCloud on iPhone/iPad

Many iCloud
users on iPhone, iPad and iPod receiving spam Calendar & Photo Sharing
invitations over a weeks as iCloud users have increased receiving spam Calendar
& Photo Sharing invitations on iPhone and iPad coming to various aspects of
their accounts.
This a new
type of spam in circulation for iCloud accounts. It’s been really annoying to
receive junk mail and spam e-mails. iCloud users must be
careful because Spammers are now focusing not only on e-mails, even your Calendar and
iCloud photo sharing to believe it. So you get the strangest unsolicited
requests for calendars and photo sharing via iCloud Calendar and Photos
application. These are visible on your iOS device, but also on the Mac.
Dutch website AppleTips discovered
a workaround that allows you to move a spam Calendar invitation without
actually accepting or declining it.
This is a
serious issues when it comes to security on iOS which basically relates to
iCloud’s Calendar and Photo Sharing functionalities and hope Apple may fix this
So, if you
receive a Calendar invite that’s spam and simply choose the “Decline” option,
the problem won’t go away. In fact, it’s likely to increase because the
spammer knows that the account is active. The same goes for iCloud Photo
Sharing. Hit decline and you’re opening yourself up to more spam, not getting
rid of that sender for good. This, of course, is different from Mail spam,
which is either cleaned out by a spam filter or is a one-off thing because
there’s no way for the spammer to know if the account is active or not.
For instant, iCloud
Users can stop receiving Calendar spam on iPhone-iPad but for iCloud Photo
Sharing invitations spam the only solution is to entirely turn off the iCloud
Photo Sharing feature.

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Here’s a steps
below How to stop receiving spam Calendar & Photo Sharing invitations via
iCloud on iPhone/ipad
For iCloud Calendar
  • Open the
    Calendar application
  • Navigate down
    to Calendars, then tap Edit
  • Add a Calender
    to the list using the same button
  • Give it a name
    (like Spam) and tap Done
  • Double-tap
    ‘Done’ to return to the calendar
  • Open the spam invitation
  • Tap the bottom
    (above invitation) on ‘Calendar’
  • Select the
    newly created spamcalendar
  • Repeat this
    for all invitations
  • Now navigate
    back to the ‘Calendars’
  • Tap the
    i-button next to the spam calendar
  • Scroll down
    and tap ‘Delete calendar’

For iCloud Photo
Sharing invitations Spam

Go to Settings
>> Photos & Camera, then Disable iCloud Photo Sharing.
Let us know
down in the comments if you have experienced this type of spam.