How To Share WiFi Password Between iPhone, iPad Or MacBook Running iOS 12

Did you know you can quickly share your WiFi password from your iPhone to other Apple devices? If not then we are here to guide you on how to share a WiFi password between Apple devices.

Apple has added a very unique feature where you can share a WiFi password to another device just by bringing two iPhones together. You don’t even have to enter the WiFi password. It means if one of your device running iOS 11 or iOS 12 is connected to a WiFi network, you can easily share your WiFi password to another device just by putting two phones together.

For example, I am connected to my home WiFi on device 1 and if my friend comes in and want to use my WiFi on device 2, I can just bring his iPhone nearer to my iPhone and he will be connected to the same network as well. He doesn’t even need to enter the WiFi password.

But sometimes, the WiFi password sharing option does not pop up but don’t worry! Here’s an easy fix!

How To Share WiFi Password From One iPhone To Another iPhone, iPad or MacBook

Step 1: First of all you need to add the person’s Apple ID to the contact list to whom you want to send the password. This is the most important step! Just edit the contact and add the Apple ID in the add email section

Step 2: Turn ON WiFi on both iPhones running iOS 11 or 12 Note: (Remember one of the devices should be connected to the WiFi networks. Here device 1 is connected to the WiFi)

Step 3: On Device 2 in which you want to connect WiFi, tap on the WiFi network name by going to WiFi settings

Step 4: Now bring both devices together. A pop up will appear device 1 asking you to send the password to another device.


Step 5: Tap on Send Password. Kaboom!! The WiFi will now connect on device 2 as well without the need to enter the WiFi password.

However, if the WiFi sharing option does not pop up, all you need to do is lock both devices by pressing the power button – unlock both of them and then repeat the steps again. This should definitely bring WiFi sharing option without any issue.

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