Face ID: iPhone can organize the unique, three-dimensional features of your face to allow secure access to apps and payments. Face ID authenticates you using the TrueDepth camera. Face ID is used to make payments with Apple Pay, making purchases with the App Store and authenticating within apps.

Setting up an alternate Face ID in iOS 12 is pretty simple like you have done in previous iOS version on iPhone X.

Let’s get started;

How to Set Up Alternate Face ID on iPhone X

1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone X


2. Tap on Face ID and Passcode.


3. Enter your Passcode.


4. Next, tap on Set Up an Alternative Appearance.


5. Now, tap on Get Started.


6. Here position your face in the camera circle, and then move your head to all angle. It will scan and detects your face. Then tap on Continue.

7. After you have scanned your face, you need to repeat again and tap on done.


That’s all. You can now access your iPhone X with multiple Face ID appearance.

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