How to set custom passcode over 100 Digit on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

iPhone PassCode is the must have utility
that we use in our daily life. We store so many important data, photos, and other
essential documents which we secure by a 4 digit passcode on iPhone, iPad or
iPod Touch.
The 4 digit pass code was the most
popular since the release of iPhone back in 2007. But with the release of iOS
9, Apple gave its users the opportunity to set 6 digit passcode on iOS devices
which is really cool.
But do you know you can set your own
custom iPhone passcode lock? Of course yes, you can set custom passcode from 1 digit to over 100 digit passcode on
iPhone without having to Jailbreak your device.
Watch this short tutorial on How to set custom passcode over 100 Digit Pass Code on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

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