How To Reset Apple Watch To Factory Default

Do you have an Apple Watch and want to resell or return for some reason? Well here’s a short and quick tip to reset your Apple Watch. There are two ways to reset Apple Watch to Factory default;

  1. By Unparing the Apple Watch From iPhone
  2. By Resetting it from the Apple Watch Setting

First Method

How to Unpair your Apple Watch From iPhone

Unpairing your Apple Watch is the best way to reset to factory default it and is very simple.

Step 1# Go to iPhone’s Home screen and launch Watch App

Step 2# Tap on the Paired Account tab at the top

Tap_on_the_Paired_Apple_Watch_AccountStep 3# You will see the list of Paired Apple Watches

Step 4# Tap on “(i)” icon then tap Unpair Apple Watch


unpair_Apple_watchStep 5# It will now pop up a message like “Unpair Apple Watch”.

Step 6# Simply tap on that and Enter your Apple ID password and proceed.


Step 7# It will now start to unpair your Apple Watch from iPhone and reset it to the default state.

Note: It will take some time. Don’t panic, be relax.

Step 8# Once your Apple Watch is rebooted, all your personal information will be deleted.

Second Method

If you don’t have an iPhone nearby, you can reset directly from the Apple Watch.

How to Reset Apple Watch to default settings

reset apple watch to factory setting

Step 1# Press on the Apple Watch Digital Crown

Step 2# Go to Settings

Step 3# Scroll down and tap General

Step 4# Under General, tap reset and then tap Erase all contents & Settings

Step 5# Now put the Apple Watch Passcode and it will erase all of your Apple Watch content to factory default.

Among the two methods, the first one is the best way to Reset your Apple Watch and it works for all Series of Apple Watch.

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