How to Reinstall Deleted Stock iOS Apps on iPhone in iOS 10 or later

Here’s how to reinstall stock apps on iPhone running iOS 10 or later.

With the introduction of iOS 10, Apple has
added a new delete features in iOS 10 for several stock iOS apps. That is you
can now delete your stock iOS 10 apps from the homescreen of your iPhone in
wiggle mode and can install anytime time you want to have that. Deleting apps
is same as you delete any app in the previous version of iOS.

With the introduction of iOS 10, Apple has added a new delete features in iOS 10 for several stock iOS apps

But you don’t have worry now if you have
accidently deleted any stock apps from your HomeScreen. You can reinstall those
deleted stock iOS apps on iPhone in iOS 10 or later and get them back on your iPhone’s-iPad’s
How to Reinstall Stock iOS 10 Apps on
The deletable stock iOS apps includes
Calendar, Weather, Maps, Videos, Notes, Reminders, Stocks, iCloud drive, Stock,
iBooks, Mail, iTunes Store, Home, FaceTime and more. Among those if you
deleted any apps, you can reinstall your deleted stock iOS 10 apps back on your iPhone-iPad’s homescreen.
  • Launch App Store.
  • Search for the Stock App you deleted and
    wants to reinstall it .
  • Once you’ve found it, tap the cloud icon
    to reinstall the app.
  • Hold a while to complete downloading
    your apps.
  • After download complete, your deleted
    stock apps will be right there on your iPhone’s-iPad’s Homescreen.
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