How to Prioritize App Download on iPhone with 3D Touch

There comes a condition when you need to re-install all your apps after performing a restore on your iPhone/iPad ow
download apps at once. But with “Prioritize Download” feature on iPhone, you can choose which app to download first by giving it a priority.

This was not the case some years ago. You could back up all your Apps and Games on iTunes and restore it later without

having to download it again. But now your iPhone/iPad begins to download all the apps and games on Home Screen after it is restored.
Downloading so many apps and games simultaneously at once it takes a lot of time if you have many apps to download.
Your iPhone/iPad starts to download apps randomly and might skip your favorite app to download it later. But with “Prioritize Download” feature you can download your most important apps at first priority by using 3D Touch on an app
icon on iOS 12,  iOS 11 and iOS 10.

How to Prioritize App Download at first after a restore or downloading apps at once

Prioritize App Download in iOS 12/iOS 11/10 is a handy feature that lets you download your favorite apps at first among all downloads when restore or downloading apps at once.
Step 1: When all apps are downloading after a restore or downloading two or more apps at once, just 3D Touch on the
app icon which you want to give a priority.
Step 2: Tap on “Prioritize Download” from the Quick Action Menu.
Step 3: Pause the download for another app.
All done. Now the app you have selected for “Prioritize Download” will be downloaded at first.
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