iOS 11 for public is here| How to install iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

Apple has finally released iOS 11 public version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Apple has added some major functions on iOS 11 such as new control center, siri, new app icons and more. Check out all the features of iOS 11 here.
If you wish to install iOS 11, you can do it by several ways: Over The Air, iTunes and other third party software. The easiest way to install iOS 11 is via OTA which can be done from within the device without having to connect it to the computer.

How to install iOS 11 via OTA on iPhone|iPad|iPod Touch

On your iPhone|iPad|iPod Touch – Go to Settings – General – Software update. There you will see an option to download and install iOS 11 tab – simply tap it and you’re done. It might take some time to download iOS 11 since it’s a big file so stay patient till it completes downloading. Once it is downloaded, iOS 11 will be automatically installed on
your device.

How to install iOS 11 on iPhone|iPad|iPod Touch using iTunes

If you see an error popping while installing iOS 11 via OTA, you can use iTunes to update your device to iOS 11.
Before you start installing iOS using iTunes, make sure iTunes is updated to latest version.
Step 1: Launch iTunes and connect your iOS device to your computer
Step 2: Click the iPhone icon from the left corner of the iTunes screen
Step 3: Click on “Check for Updates”. It will eventually download iOS 11 and automatically install it on your iOS device.

How to install iOS 11 if my iPhone|iPad|iPod Touch is Jailbroken??

If your device is Jailbroken then none of the mentioned method is going to work but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to install iOS 11 ever. Here is the way:
Step 1: Launch iTunes and Connect your iOS device to the computer
Step 2: Download the .ipsw file for iOS 11 from here
Step 3: On Summary Page of iTunes – Hold the Command or Shift Key and Click and Restore iPhone button
Step 4: Select the .ipsw file that you had just downloaded and hit OK.
All done. The existing Jailbreak will be erased and the new iOS 11 will be installed on your iPhone or iPad.
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