How to Import Song on Apple Watch

Just like you would listen to song on your iPhone, you can do so on your Apple Watch too. Your Apple Watch have a capability of storing songs of up to 2 gigabytes on the device itself.

If you are a fitness freak and have a habit of listening to Music while working out then you need to use this Apple Watch feature right now. You can connect Apple’s wireless Airpods and other Bluetooth headphone to your Apple Watch and control Music right from it. You don’t even need your iPhone to be near with you.

But before that, you need to import song on your Apple Watch. But the thing is you can not sync Music on your Apple Watch as you would sync on your iPhone using iTunes.

How to import Music on Apple Watch

Step 1: Launch Watch app on your iPhone

Step 2: Scroll down & Tap Music

Step 3: Tap Add Music

Step 4: Now Select the song according to artists, albums, genre and playlists (Remember your Apple Watch should be connected to the charger to complete importing songs).

The whole process will take some time to complete so stay patient. Once it’s done, selected music will be available on your Apple Watch’s Music app.

How to Play & Listen to a Song on Apple Watch

Step 1: First Connect bluetooth headset to your Apple Watch – Click here to see How to pair and connect a Bluetooth device with Apple Watch

Step 2: On your Apple Watch, launch the Music app

Step 3: Play a song and enjoy!

If you don’t hear sound on your headphone, all you need to do is:

Launch Control Center on Apple Watch by swiping up – Tap AirPlay Sign – Tap the source of Bluetooth Connection and Done!


Or Force Touch on Apple Watch while Music is playing and select the Bluetooth source.

How to Remove Music from Apple Watch

Step 1: Launch Watch app on your iPhone

Step 2: Scroll down & Tap Music

Step 3: Tap Edit which is on top right corner

Step 4: Tap (-) sign on playlist that you want to remove

Let us know if you guys find any problem.


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