How to get minimalist Instagram like Volume HUD on iPhone and iPad

We all are messed up with the iOS native volume HUD. Apple has not yet improved in any iOS. It is so ugly that the volume HUD of the iPhone appears in the middle of the screen which makes the users irritating.

So Apple must think about this in the next iOS 13. There is the number of tweaks that allow you to customize the volume HUD better than the iPhone’s native volume HUD.

Jailbreak tweaks like Melior, WAStatusVolume, YouTubeVolume, PulseHUD,ByeByeHUD, and others are available in Cydia for free. But the jailbreak tweak we are talking about is Sonus12 which is ao beautiful and better than any HUD’s tweak. I must say this will be better if Apple adds like Sonus12 in upcoming iOS 13.

Sonus12 is a jailbreak tweak replaces your default Volume HUD to same like INSTAGRAM’s HUD. It is a beautiful looking replacement for the annoying stock volume hud.

I must thank iOS developer ubik for the great effort.

Sonus12 is available in Cydia’s Packix repo for $1.75  and is compatible with jailbroken iPhone X or below running iOS 12 and 11.

After installation, it appears at the top left of the status bar by default and gives an option to configure further in the tweak’s preferences of the Settings app where you can customize the HUD appearance, size & position, and its animation as you like.


If you want to customize your Volume HUD like Instagram then you need to try Sonus 12 and for this, your device needs to be jailbroken first.

Do you like this tiny Volume HUD? Let us know in the comment section.

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